Here you can find answers to most common questions that our clients addressed us.

→ What is a flash flipbook?

A flash flipbook (E-book) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. All forms or publications in PDF format can be converted into a high quality flash flip book. E-books are empowering authors in ways that traditional publishing never could. You can use our site to convert your digital magazines, newspapers, advertisements, catalogues, brochures, instructional manuals, newsletters, annual reports, direct mail Advertising and more into high quality flash flipbooks!

→ What features do you offer in your flipbooks?

-Internal and external link conversion.
-Image or color background.
-Search within the e-book.
-Zoom in and out.
-Print (right or left page).
-Download pdf.
-Web home site button.
-Email button.
-Right to left reading e-book (Arabic or Hebrew).
-We can offer different language (mouse over tool tips / help). -Full screen

→ Is your flipbook "branded" with our logo or company information?

No! We do not brand your E-book or include anything other that what you upload.

→ Are the flipbooks search engine friendly?

Our E-Books retain all text from your PDF file as .Real Text. and is searchable. It is indexable by search engines.

→ Do you offer any customization?

Yes! Below are just some of the custom options available. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
- Video added to your e-book.
- Background music or audio.
- Static placement of advertisement (left or right side).
- Host your own server.
- Create new buttons and navigation bar for your e-book.
- We offer different languages (mouse over)
- Embed a logo or image in your e-book.
- Create custom pages from any .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .swf file.
- Detailed statistics available.

→ Do links and index pages stay intact during the conversion process?

If your PDF file has been created with adapted (working) web addresss and index (table of contents) Then our conversion will generate working links within your E-book. If improperly constructed these links may not work. We are able to adapt your existing PDF file to work with internal and external links. Please contact us for this service.

→Do I need to do anything to make sure my PDF file is web ready?

Your pdf name can not include symbols such as: @ #%&( )[
The pages have to be the same size; otherwise all the pages will be converted to an average size. The result of different size pages will reduce the clarity and quality! It's a very good idea to make your PDF file web ready before you upload it. Optimizing your PDF file will make your E-Book faster and give you better results. You can upload it without making it web ready, but it will take more time both uploading and converting it if you don't.

→ Is there a maximum size or number of pages?

The size of the book you can create is unlimited. The maximum recommended book size for online viewing is 800 x 600 pixels. The number of pages is also unlimited. Be aware, large books cause very slow loading times.

→ Can my PDF have blank pages?

Blank pages will result in a blank page within your E-Book. Please delete blank pages from your pdf file before you upload.

→ What are the advantages to using flipbooks?

There are many advantages to using flipbooks, below are just a few.
- Text can be searched, making the e-book ideal for work that benefits from such functions.
- Because they require little space, e-books can be offered indefinitely, with no going out of print date, allowing authors to continue to earn royalties.
- Readers who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the ability to zoom in and out.
- Flipbooks are good for the environment. They save trees! They can save transportation costs and the pollution associated with shipping paper items.
- Flipbooks can show links and forms, for easy access to more information and related websites.
- Flipbooks can be printed, so that you can read an ebook in the traditional way.

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