"How to" is a page where you can learn step by step to make your first Flip Book.
Step 1 : Go to Upload menu and fill in the form.


You must complete all fields to go on Step 2. Name, valid Email address, choose your file and captcha code from image.
After that press "Upload" button and wait until we convert your pdf file to Flip Book.
After conversion is finished, you can "Preview" your Flip Book or you can "Edit" and editing is Step 2 for us.


Here you can do everything you want with your Book. On main screen you see the E-book code, File name, Expire date and how many view had. Also you can share it with your friends from social networks.
At the bottom of the page you can "Delete" your E-book, and on the right side you have an extended "Menu" where you can enhance your Flip Book.
For any other questions you can contact us.
Enjoy !

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Step 1

Log into our Ebook Panel

Step 2

Upload your PDF

Step 3

Publish your ebook online!